Work History


UCLA - Research Assistant:  January 2019 - Present
- Create a data pipeline to filter and query tweets, perform sentiment analysis, and store in a local database
- Design the user interface to display project results

IBM - Big Data Technical Sales Specialist:  January 2016 - Present
- Understand client's business requirements, technical requirements, and competitive landscape
- Provide technical sales support which includes creating and delivering proof of concepts, developing and delivering technical education, designing solutions, and answering technical questions
Biggest Accomplishments:
- Authored IBM's technical Apache Spark intro class and delivered it's content to hundreds of meetup attendees and customers
- Produced online content for IBM's Data Gurus youtube channel
- Worked with customers through the Machine Learning Hub, applying the latest data science techniques to real customer data.
- Created and delivered a World of Watson Lightning Lab course:  Machine Learning for Dummies
- Helped create content for the IBM Apache Spark certification

Talisman Systems Group - Data Analyst:  February 2014 - December 2015
- Collect, review, prepare, and import data for the Talispoint processing system
- Work with clients and data vendors to reconcile and alleviate data issues
Highest Achievement:
- Created a Data Quality database for all verified providers from scratch, as well as import and "bounce" programs to add and check providers

The Brothers Lewis - Owner/Developer:  March 2013 - Present
- Design, code, and advertise all iOS products

Search Party uses Google suggestions for a fun guessing game.

This version takes the first three suggestions that pop up when you type the given phrase, and you guess which is the first suggestion.

Have fun!

Showdown eSports - Founder and Community / Marketing Director:  September 2013 - May 2014
- Organize, plan, and orchestrate events for up to 500 attendees
- Build and develop a growing online eSports community
Indura Systems, Inc. - Software Engineer:  July 2011 - February 2013
- Design and code software for the home healthcare industry
- Focus on point of care web application, EDI web application, client website, and implementing web designs
 Ripon College - Information Technology Services Student Assistant:  August 2009-May 2011
- Fix software on students' computers and helped with the campus internet and computers
Ripon College - Math and Computer Science Assistant:  August 2009-May 2011
- Tutor students in their math and computer science courses
Accurate Controls Inc. - Programming Intern:  May 2010-August 2010
- Review work from other departments for the programming department
- Work with Wonderware to help set up new jobs


University of Arizona - Undergraduate Researcher:  June 2009-August 2009
- Make updates to a research algorithm which predicts a protein's secondary structure from its amino acid sequence
Roadhouse Pizza - Restaurant Aid and Delivery:  August 2007-October 2010
- Deliver pizzas, answer phones, take orders,  and help in the back and front kitchens

Education and Awards


University of California, Los Angeles  - Los Angeles, CA
- Master of Applied Economics
General Assembly - San Francisco, California
- Graduate of the Data Science course

Ripon College - Ripon, Wisconsin
- Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Business Administration with a minor in Mathematics
- Graduated Cum Laude and with honors in both majors
Senior Computer Science Award: Ripon College
- "Doing the most outstanding work in the field of computer science"
The Laurel of Ripon College
- "Having set oneself apart from fellow students by excellence in leadership, service and scholarship"

Leadership - Volunteer

Sigma Chi San Francisco Alumni Chapter Philanthropy Chair -  2013 - Present
Ripon College Student Senator - Junior year of college to senior year
- Communicat information between constituents and student senate
Ripon College Orientation Committee - Summer and fall 2008, fall 2009, and fall 2010
- Work to create a less stressful move in period for incoming freshmen at Ripon College
Sigma Chi member and officer - Freshman year of college to senior year
- Execute positions of chapter editor and historian
- Led in the construction of campus wide events
- Attend national leadership training workshop
STRIPES tutor - Fall of 2008
Boys and Girls Club volunteer -  Fall of 2008
Ripon College Radio DJ - First semester freshman year of college and second semester senior year
- Organize material for a weekly hour long radio show
Teens Teaching Teens - Senior year of high school
- Teach classes in the area about the risks of the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol
Students Talking About Respect (S.T.A.R.) member - Junior and senior year of high school
- Plan, organize, and run school wide events
Student Council member and officer - Junior and senior year of high school
- Led in the planning, organization and implementation of school wide events
- Execute the position of treasurer
- Attend leadership development conferences